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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  December 9, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. right now topper is tracking if it will stay dry for the weekend including the skins and army-navy. also a new spike lee film in the works stars eddy murphy as marion berry. but first a developing story. police have identified the
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shooter at virginia tech while thousands joined on campus for a vigil. police have identified the shooter in yesterday's murder of a virginia tech officer as a radford student. >> we start our report there with gary nurenberg. >> reporter: the address listed as the family home in part low was empty on friday night, the family presumably in southwest virginia making arrangements for their son. this is an area of isolated homes. the next door neighbors say they have never met ross ashley. the beautiful rustic home sits at the end of a driveway several hundred miles young. the family not well known here. >> they stayed off to themselves a lot. >> reporter: neighbor betty joe. >> i seen from a distance he was a clean cut young guy. but standoffish. >> reporter: ashley was a part-time business major.
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he entered this office armed with a handgun demanding keys for a new mercedes suv which he drove to virginia tech parking it before approaching the squad car of deriek crouse on tuesday shooting him to death before changing his clothes and killing himself. the stolen car may not have been the first. >> back when there was a car -- a pickup truck stolen, the police came and said the kids were involved with taking that from the house next door. >> reporter: police are puzzled by the virginia tech shooting saying they can find no connection between officer crouse and his accused killer who the neighbor describes as. >> standoffish. you can feel someone stare and you know there is a little bit something going on. anger maybe. not trusting. >> reporter: residents were trying to figure out who ross ashley is. and also why he did what he
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apparently did. back to you. >> thank you, gary. the disbelief turned into mourning on the virginia tech campus tonight. large crowds came out to memorialize the officer killed in the line of duty, and ken molestina was at the vigil. >> reporter: the healing isn't coming easy for the hokie community, but they're showing the nation they can, once again, get through the tragedy. they came together in a massive vigil tonight. ♪ taps playing >> reporter: they poured out to the drill field by the thousands. then officer deriek crouse's family was escorted in underneath the moon and the endless candles that lit up the night. >> i thought how brave of them to come. >> reporter: just a day after the virginia tech community was dealt another deadly attack on campus, the hokie nation came together to pray, remember and honor the life of officer
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crouse. >> it just shows how strong a family that this hokie nation is and after everything that happened i really hope that everyone just lifts the officer in their prayers. >> reporter: to many the feelings are all too familiar. >> it pushed me to remember some very tragic memories. >> reporter: it was here that the hokie nation packed the grounds to remember the 32 on campus, but tonight it was all about officer crouse. >> it was awesome to see the support. >> reporter: they are planning the plans for the funeral. it will be held on monday at 2:00 p.m. here at the virginia tech campus at the castle coliseum. ken molestina, 9news now. >> officer deriek crouse was an officer, husband, father and soldier. tonight his family is coming with the grips that he is gone. >> there's a point where you think that someone is invincible, nothing is going to
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happen to them. and this is just a complete shock. >> it really hasn't set in yet. to see his picture on tv, you feel so proud of him and everybody he's accomplished. >> crouse enlisted in the army right after graduating from carroll county high school. he served an 18-month tour of duty in iraq in 2003 and 2004. he later joined the army reserve and eventually the police force at virginia tech. he leaves behind his wife tina, his 16-year-old son dustin and four stepchildren. tonight a man accused of shooting a state trooper on i95 is dead. herbert wheeler died this morning. virginia state police now say trooper michael hamer shot him in a struggle. it all started yesterday when a dmv special agent tried to stop wheeler for reckless driving but he jumped from the car and took off. they spotted him walking along the interstate, tried to put him
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in the car. that's when wheeler reached for the trooper's gun, it went off and wounded the trooper in his leg. a friend of hamer's spoke today about the incident. >> i hear people complain about police all of the time and they write tickets and do this and do that, but, i'll tell you, unless you're willing to walk a mile in their shoes, like the old saying goes, you can't attest for what they go out here and do and what they deal with every day. >> the trooper shot wheeler with another gun. the officer was taken to the hospital. he's expected to make a full recovery. lesli johnson is headed to federal prison just like her husband the former county executive. a judge sentenced her to a year and a half -- a year, that is, and a day behind bars. ordered her to pay $15,000 fine and serve another two years of supervised release for trying to hide bribes taken by her husband. johnson admitted hiding the money, but she denied right to the end that she knew about the bribes her husband was taking from contractors.
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she didn't have much choice, though, to admit her role after the world heard this. >> what do you want me to do with this money? they are banging. >> put it in your panties and walk out of the house. >> oh, my god. okay. >> yes. stuff it in your panties. >> johnson did stuff that money in her underwear and flushed a $100,000 check down the toilet while the fbi agents were banging on the door. in court johnson says she was ashamed of her conduct while her attorney argued she acted in panic and did not know about her husband's crimes. but the judge disagreed and called her complicit, not innocent. johnson was ordered to report to federal prison in west virginia on february 9th, just six days after jack johnson is supposed to begin serving a seven-year term as a prison in north carolina. now to montgomery county where a cab driver got taken for a dangerous ride. he says he picked up a young couple wednesday in bethesda to take them to the target in rockville. when they arrived, everyone climbed out but the couple then forced the cabbie into a passenger sheet and the young
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man got behind the wheel. >> the suspect was able to drive the cab and get it stuck on the median of rockville pike near old georgetown. as he was backing off the median, he struck a passing car. >> and the wild ride didn't end there. the man drove everybody back to target, then the couple climbed out and left the cabbie to go shopping. police hope someone recognizes them from the surveillance video. by the way, when the couple finally left the store, they hailed another cab. caught on tape, a man close to the ground and forced to look down the barrel of a gun. this all happened back on october 14th in the 2900-block of nelson place. that's in southeast dc. you can see the suspect grab the victim while pointing a gun right at his head. during that attack, the victim's hands -- he hands over the wallet and is able to get up and tries to run in the house, but the suspect follows before then deciding to run off. so far no arrests. well, he was once considered
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a rising star in the school system in charge of helping teach our kids. but tonight he's headed for prison, convicted on child pornography. joshua myers was given a five year sentence. they arrested the principal after he told undercover officers that he traveled to california to have sex with a child. now an update on a pet rescued from traffic last month, and this is a happy ending. the dog has been reunited with his owners. he was found injured and dodging traffic last month. a woman stopped, rescued the dog but then drove to her job in alexandria. she later turned jake over to the fairfax county animal center. a relative of jake's owner saw news coverage about the dog and contacted the family, jake is back home. topper. >> well, it's cold out here right now, but that's just a harbinger of what is coming our way. here is the wakeup weather. 7:00. just a few clouds. temps in the 30s. becoming mostly sunny by 8:00
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and pure sun by 10:00. notice the temperatures. don't move. layers would be a good idea tomorrow. we'll talk about the forecast for the redskin game and the army-navy game and look ahead to next week. >> it sounds like a five blanket night. who do you cast to play marion barry in a movie. this sign has people doing a double take. why it has controversy in one neighborhood. stay with us. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
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mel wood and wusa nine thank all that serve abroad this season. >> hi. i'm daniel buckles. i'm here in afghanistan. i would like to send a shout out to my fiancee and family back in virginia. thieves figured there was a pot of gold in a pile of copper.
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the thieves keep targeting rural vacant homes getting out all of the copper they can carry. joe came home to find hundreds of gallons of oil in his basement. they had ripped the copper piping from his heating tank. the funny thing is, it was just about 30 or $40 worth of the metal and the thieves by passed more valuable stuff in the house. tonight an ad causing some controversy. take a look at this. the sign above the company at the corner of 14th and corcoran streets some of our best cars are gay. what? the poster also features a yellow mini coup with a license tag and some folks in the lesbian-gay-transgender community are offended by this. nobody knows exactly what it means. we asked a few people that walked by what they thought? >> i think it's meant to be funny, but i don't find it particularly funny, i guess.
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>> i don't think it's offensive. i think it's just trying to get people's attention and pay attention to zip cars so it will be more popular. >> we don't know either. we tried to talk to the zip people instead. they gave us an 800 number to the corporate office but our calls went unanswered. so plans now for a tv movie about the colorful life of marion barry. you knew it had to come. >> that's right. not much is known about the movie except spike lee is going to direct it and eddy murphy will be the star. matt jablow was out asking about eddy murphy being the leader. >> reporter: in between bites where pictures of ben's most famous customers hang proudly on the wall, franklin playing casting director. >> so eddy murphy has shown that
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he can play many characters. >> reporter: having heard that he is playing marion barry about the politician's life. franklin had his own idea about who should play the lead role. >> denzel played everything from the villain to the good guy. >> reporter: though some people thought eddy murphy was a good choice. >> i think eddy can handle that. >> reporter: others disagree. >> horrible choice. >> reporter: why? >> he's too skinny, too small. >> reporter: and were quick to offer suggestions for actors better suited for the role. >> wow. james bond. >> chris rock. >> reporter: why? >> he's got a personality for it. >> you got a lot of pictures here. does he like the chili? >> he does. >> reporter: the manager of benz took it one step farther
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offering up not only samuel l jackson. >> look wise and acting wise. >> reporter: but also an actress for the woman that set him up in the vista hotel. >> let's see. set up. robin gibbens. >> reporter: and in case you're wondering about my expert casting director's opinion about who should play marion barry, i'm going old school. how about sidney twatea. by the way, the movie is being developed by hbo film. no word on when they'll start shooting. >> he's already mentioned but i have to go with samuel jackson. >> a lot of passion to the roles. >> you have to have somebody that can be corky and get into the per sown na of mare i don't know. >> i can see it -- persona of marion. >> i can see it. if you were watching the station a couple hours ago, you were treated to a double dose of
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frosty the snowman. but even two frosties don't add up to the greatest children's special of all time. i'm guessing it's not frosty returns. >> it's not even a charlie brown christmas. the greatest children's christmas special ever is rudolf the red nosed reindeer. number five, rudolf and clarise. early on we see rudolf is smitten by the cutie pie. the odd kid is getting the girl. rudolf is an odd kid and he gets bullied for it, number four. he has the freakish red nose and comet bans him from the reindeer games. pretty sad and dramatic. reason number three, burrell eyes. the wise and crusty eyes of sam the snowman. not only is he a great voice of god, he strokes a mean banjo. and, number two, the island of misfit toys. it's a little creepy.
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but you have to love them. and the number one reason he is the greatest christmas special ever, the a bomb nabl snowman. this dude scared me to death year after year after year. i didn't know it then, but rudolf was a little dark and edgy before everything became dark and edgy. the odd kid saves christmas, everybody learned their lesson and hermy the elf got to play with the toys. that is a christmas special. >> that is a retelling of rudolf that is truly vintage mcginty. >> revealing. >> i love it. >> great. fantastic. here is the deal. it's going to get you in the christmas spirit with temperatures. cold but very bright. we're going to see hardly a cloud on sunday. let's start with the 10th because it's cold right now but it's not as cold as it's going to get tomorrow night. tomorrow night is a real cold
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night. 41 downtown. but already 32 in gaithersburg. fredericks reading 28. i'm a little suspicious of that reading. 34 out in leesburg. 37 in hagerstown. 37 in martinsburg. especially in hagerstown and martinsburg are running ten degrees warmer. all right. let's talk about what is going to happen. tomorrow morning there is a lunar eclipse between 6:30 and 12:30. you can go to our website and click on my blog for more information. it's not going to be great viewing here in the east because it's going to be daylight. much better out along the west coast. bundle up for the army-navy game. bundle up for the redskins game. both days are going to be cold. sunday is not going to be windy. it may feel a little more comfortable. by monday not as cold as the weekend. in fact, we might even hit 50 degrees on monday. for tomorrow morning or for tonight, some clouds come in after midnight. we'll call it a two blanket night. that is tomorrow night. lows in the 30s. and winds will begin to pick up at 10-15 once the cold front pushes through. in fact, tomorrow morning
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returning mostly sunny. could be some clouds very early in the morning as the front goes through. it's going to move through dry. breezy and cold. 30s to around 40. and winds still northwesterly at 10-15. they'll be with us really all day. in fact, by afternoon sunny, breezy and cold. a good day for layers. high temperatures only 40-45. that is a little bit below average. our average now is about 49. and winds notice continue at northwest to 10-15. i did a blog on this earlier. notice the sunset at 4:46. it's now setting later in the day which is a good day. we're still losing some daylight on the front end, but at least on the back end it's starting to set a little later. high temps on saturday, we're looking at temperatures primarily mid 40s. maybe low 40s in gaithersburg and rockville. 44 in college park. 44 in bowie. 45 down to the south and fort belvoir. maybe only 42 out towards leesburg and middleburg and also down towards manassas. here is your zone forecast, only
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in the 20s tomorrow in oakland and some morning snow showers are possible. 36 in cumberland. around 40 for hagerstown, martinsburg and winchester. warmest reading on this map 45 in culpeper. low 40s in leesburg, warrenton and manassas and mid 40s downtown. winds and small craft advisory for the bay and tidal potomac until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. we'll break it down, 30s to start. 39 to 44, breezy by noon but sunny and then clear and getting cold. temperatures 40-45 at 5:00 but temps will fall like a stone tomorrow night. redskin game, mostly sunny and cold. hope you're in the sun. high temperatures between 40 and 45. we'll call it near 45. winds will be light, though. next three days, 43 on sunday. 49 on monday. chilly. we're going in the right direction. and the seven-day will show us we're going to make it back to 50 on tuesday. a little blip on wednesday. back to 49. then some warmer air rolls in here. in fact we're looking at
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temperatures in the mid 50s by thursday and friday of next week. next chance a real chance for showers will be early friday morning. >> holiday weather. >>. okay. when you win one game, what do they call it? redskin winning streak. [ laughing ] >> ouch. >> so what do they call the thing the caps have going on? could the caps be in the midst of a turn around. wizards open up camp. one familiar face there. another not. and for the army-navy game, it will be just like the previous. very special coming up next.
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and now 9 sports with dave owens, the best sports in town. >> first day of wizards training camp, nick young absent. the free agent waiting to get signed. but the new york post is reporting the knicks are considering trading to washington in exchange for absolutely nothing. stay tuned. get the big guy. john wall and the rest of the wizards hit the practice courts for the first time. familiar face there roger mason is for dc. he's back with a second stint
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with the team. flip saunders happy to get the season going. >> as i talked to the players, a lot of times you're asked when you're not playing what do you miss. i think guys are happy getting together and competing. >> the wizards were practicing, the caps were playing. dennis wideman three goals the entire season. wideman left the good old stop. 2-0. third period everybody put on their hats. first career hat trick for dw. caps win 4-2. all right. a win by either would sure take the sting out of a disappointing season. between them army-navy have won seven and lost 13. it's a special day formyl terry folks around here -- for military folks around here. head coach -- navy head coach
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says it doesn't change how he feels about his seniors. it is a special group. let's move on to some high school basketball. 8,000 of you voted and we couldn't tell you who won. it went down to the wire so we have two games. edison at tc williams. early on the titans on the run. jordan byrd to anthony huggins for the alley-oop. what is edison going to do? you better call tyrone. tc wins on two late free throws. 55-53. our last stop at oxon hill. the red rams on the break. nothing wrong with a little bump and grind. the bucket. they couldn't do anything with magic harris. pushing the ball up the court and the nice little lefty jumper. oxon hill wins 75-70. >> those guys look big. >> big boys. >> yes. >> big to me. [ laughing ]
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>> we'll be right back.
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all right. so we have army-navy. >> navy 58-0. >> oh, come on. >> no way. >> that is 9news for tonight. good night. [ laughing ] brad, where we going?
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